Are you feeling blocked from fully partaking in the forgiveness and redemption of the Atonement? If you heal from your brokenness, who will you be? You may feel your pain is too deep to heal or your inability to forgive is an insurmountable obstacle. You may even believe your sins are justified or you will not be able to change your ways, so why bother. If you fully partake of the Atonement, you will no longer be able to hide from your sins, and are you really worthy of it anyway? Can’t you just deal with your burdens on your own instead of casting them to the Lord whom you love deeply? The Atonement is a great concept, but how exactly do you implement it in your life?

Identifying and overcoming your false beliefs and healing from your wounds, will allow you to turn your scars into testaments of the Savior’s redemptive power through His atoning sacrifice. Healing, comfort, strength, and peace will come as we surrender all to Him and are willing to receive.

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