The Key to Unlocking Heaven
By Kathy Truman

the-miracle-principle-by-kathyFear. Doubt. Anger. In our times of greatest trial, these three companions seem more than ready to navigate our paths into twists and turns leading so impossibly far away from ourselves that only a miracle could save us.

It is in the principle of the miracle that we find the faith to banish the darkness. It is in the miracle that we lose the doubt and replace it with hope. It is in our own personal miracles that anger gives way to peace.

The miracle is not in the situation changing, but rather ourselves changing in it – in profound and amazing ways. As we recognize the divine orchestration of our life’s journey, hope emerges, perspectives change, wounds heal and miracles occur.

Feel the power of the Miracle Principle manifest in your life!

“What has really moved me forward is applying the Miracle Principle in my everyday life. Multiple times a day in fact! The more I apply it, the more I believe in it. I now use it all the time, no matter how big or small the event or challenge. I love the way I feel when I practice it as well as the miracles I receive. I hope as you learn the power of the Miracle Principle from this book, you, too, will experience the miracles it can invite into your lives.” Brook Mercer

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