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by Kathy Truman

I believe in setting goals. I believe in putting my shoulder to the wheel. I believe the Law of Attraction is a natural law. I believe the Law of Gravity is a natural law. I also believe that God can transcend natural laws, which He has demonstrated. There is much talk about the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards and our power to create whatever we put our mind to. Yes and yes, but… Ask and ye shall receive, yes, but… What about those who don’t get what they ask for? Our Savior asked that the bitter cup be taken from him – it wasn’t. Did He lack faith? Joseph Smith asked to be released from Liberty Jail – it was greatly delayed. Did he lack faith? All of us have prayed and pleaded with righteous desires for those things we desired in our lives. We have placed them on our Vision Board. We have envisioned them with a singular focus, we have affirmed and imagined and manifest. At times, we have gotten what we envisioned – yeah!! Unfortunately, we have not always received that which we desired. The answer has not always been yes. According to the Law of Attraction, if we want it enough, if we focus enough energy on it, if we exercise enough faith, it will become manifest. But, what if it doesn’t?

I have many clients who feel defeated and depressed because of their apparent failures in manifesting the dreams and desires posted on their Vision Boards. They have put forth all of their energy in calling forth wealth and blessings of all kinds – and yet, they have still faced challenges and trials in their lives. Where did they go wrong?

There is inherently judgment in both the Law of Attraction and in Vision Boards. If you are poor or sick or have lack of any kind, you have done something wrong or you just don’t have enough faith or power of intention. Get motivated, try harder; be better! But, where is God’s will in a Vision Board? Do our premortal covenants give way to our desires placed on them?

Make no mistake, I have a Vision Board. At the center is a picture of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Becoming Christ-like is my primary vision. I affirm it, I focus the energy of my heart towards it, I manifest it; I am empowered by it. I know the Savior has much more in mind for me than I could possibly envision for myself. Rather than focusing all of my energy on items I want, I devote that same energy to seeking God’s will for my life. As I worship at His feet, He directs my path. And that very often is quite different from my earthly desires. As I lose myself in service to Him, all things are added unto me. This usually does not look the same as the way the world looks at success and abundance, but He has blessed me beyond measure. The depth and breadth of His tender mercies astound me! As I do add pictures and goals on my Vision Board, I prayerfully consider if they are worthy to be posted next to the picture of the Savior. This has greatly encouraged my gift of discernment and a change in my focus.

Christ asked that the bitter cup be removed, but added ‘Not my will, but thine be done’. Joseph Smith also capitulated his desires to God’s will and was refined in the process. Do I want what I want for my life, or do I want what God wants for my life? He will have a tried and a tested people. He wants to purify us; to sanctify us. Unfortunately, this rarely comes from manifesting luxuries on a Vision Board. We are in the last dispensation for a purpose. We are here to prepare for the Second Coming of our Lord. I encourage you to use a Vision Board! But please, prayerfully consider what is worthy to be posted next to your picture of the Savior; that on which you focus your energy, affirmations and manifestations. As we stay in tune with our Master and trust in Him to direct us, He will lead us to visions beyond our wildest dreams!

Complete book coming soon!