The Forgotten R of Repentance

The Forgotten R of Repentance

| Kathy's Blog

Here are the commonly known R’s of repentance:

  • Recognize those things we have done wrong
  • Feel remorse for these wrongs
  • Resolve to change our lives
  • Reform our lives
  • Make restitution for our wrongs

But, there is a critical R that has been missed. This R is:

  • Receive!

Many of us carefully go through each step of repentance and then hold ourselves hostage at the point of receiving the grace of our Savior’s Atonement. We refuse to accept His forgiveness and feel that we must continue to punish ourselves for our sins. Forgiving others always seems to come easier than forgiving ourselves – or should I say, receiving forgiveness for ourselves. Where in the scriptures are we told to forgive ourselves? In believing that forgiving ourselves is more important than receiving our Lord’s forgiveness, we are in essence saying that His forgiveness is insufficient for our sins. As Latter-Day Saints, we do not believe in purgatory – or do we? Who among us continues to suffer from past mistakes and sins simply because we can’t or won’t believe that we are included in Christ’s infinite Atonement? We may even believe that we must continue to be punished for our sins for eternity! Do we permanently imprint our own Scarlet Letters? How do you know when you have been forgiven? When you have taken every step of repentance and then, you must take the critical step of choosing to receive His forgiveness. If you believe in Him, then receive Him. Receive His forgiveness. Receive His sacrifice. Receive His grace. Claim the blessing of the Atonement in your life and set yourself free!

By – Kathy Truman