Kathy created the foundation and motivation for us to recognize and accept the talents we’ve been given to do our part in the last days. She helped us discover the unique gifts we’ve been given and then inspired us to a higher level of performance in accomplishing our mission. We learned by listening to Kathy relay her life experience through both words and music. Her combined talents helped us better realize how our life experiences help to shape and refine us in preparation for these divine missions, reminding us that we each do play a part and the time is now to move this work forward.

– A.B.

The first time I saw a picture of Kathy, I knew she could help me and that I could trust her. Through several phone visits, she helped me unravel a few strands of emotional DNA that had held me bound for most of my life. I found answers that I didn’t know I was looking for, and now those answers are anchored in on a very deep level. Thank you, Kathy, for your courage in offering a unique blend of coaching and spiritual counseling, perfectly suited for empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kathy if you are ready to make a deep dive. You’ll be so glad if you do.

— MJF.

In her years as a counselor Kathy has discovered one common link among us. We are all promised Spiritual gifts but so few have had the understanding or the courage to claim them. Her experiences and her insights have changed the lives of thousands. Her insights have been the singular impact on the lives of so many who had given up and even lost all hope. The answers to living a more peaceful, abundant and balanced life are within each of us. Kathy’s gift is being able to help you see them.

– Cactus Jack.

Today I am grateful to the Lord for His hand in my life! I have felt a tremendous energy shift over the last couple of weeks. I have felt an abundance of love for you. I can truly say that despite the challenges, trials, and hard times, my life has been perfect for the life I am creating! Thanks to you!

– H.B.

I have met so many amazing people this last year that have supported me and showed me the truth in who I am and encouraged me to do better and be better. For you I am thankful. Some people just come in your life to change you or love you how you are while encouraging you to move forward. Kathy Truman. I am seriously so blessed and thankful for you. You will never know your impact on me and my life even if you don’t remember what you said or did- you just encourage people and love them- you are amazing.

– A.J.

Kathy Truman has been the last hope for thousands suffering from all that life can deliver. In the 12 months that I have known her, Kathy’s skills and gifts have been the pivotal point from despair and loss to hope and possibility to so many. It seems almost the way for us all that, when we are hurting and in need of help we often fail to see that those helping us, also have wounds concealed. Her life’s story is known to few but is as inspiring as it is humbling.

– Cactus Jack

I am daily thankful & amazed for the healing I’ve been given through working with you. I feel more like myself than I have in years. Friends are noticing a difference. I had no idea that kind of healing was even possible in this life. I’m so grateful for your help with my son too. You’ve been far more help to him than anything else we’ve tried. I know you understand how the help for him means even more to me than the healing for me. You are an amazing woman. I will be eternally grateful to you for your work for us! There aren’t words, but I thought I should at least give it a try. What you’ve given us is priceless. We love you!!

– M.B.

How I ended up at one of Kathy’s retreats is a story all it’s own. I wasn’t going for personal reasons and I had no expectations. I consider myself “fairly” open minded, but a tad cynical and ignorant when it comes to the spiritual. WOW, was this notion ever blown away! I arrived at Kathy’s retreat feeling just fine, thank you very much, about my life. I know that no one gets out of this life without their share of trials. I’ve had a few. I left the retreat feeling like I had been filled to overflowing (and completely spent, emotionally). My mind was treated to a feast of new knowledge and my spirit was awakened to how much my Savior loves me. I have no doubt in my mind that Kathy has heeded a call from our Heavenly Father to teach, minister, comfort and inspire her brothers and sisters to seek healing through our Savior. Thank you, Kathy for sharing your gifts and opening my heart and mind to new ways of seeking “wholeness”. Mind, body and spirit. I will consider my meeting you a wonderful blessing and a turning point in my life!”.

– CK

Kathy is a portal of light and love. She opens up with such a generous heart to share her knowledge, gifts and love. She has facilitated many powerful breakthroughs that have been life changing for me. I am grateful to her for facilitating my healing.

– CB

Kathy is a reflection and conductor of the Light of Christ and helps me stand strong to also reflect the Light. Praise God that she is willing to conduct others to make beautiful music of their lives!


Kathy is wise, fun, faith filled and marvelously filled with love and the Savior’s light. When I first met her, I was taken by her words and spirit.

– BS

Kathy’s light is tangible, available and apparent! She provides an atmosphere of motivation. She has the courage to stand in her truth. Wisdom is her middle name.

– LS

Kathy is a powerhouse of energy, strength and love. I appreciate her drive and focused purpose. I appreciate her sharing her talents and praise to God!

– CB

Kathy is an amazing miracle worker. She helped me to accept the power of the Atonement in my life. She has wonderful wisdom and has an amazing light. She is an angel in my life!

– JV

Kathy is so wonderful with her talents, gifts and healing power.

– DK

I am so grateful to experience Kathy’s love and spiritual gifts. She helps me to feel so much peace.

– SB

I am so grateful for Kathy being spiritually prepared to receive the promptings of the Holy Ghost and to be an instrument in Heavenly Father’s plan. I feel honored to be in her presence and sup at her feet. The heavens applaud her for her righteous efforts. The choirs of angels shout Hosanna and God pours out blessings upon her and those whom she serves.

– TB

Kathy’s classes and retreats have such effort put into them and are filled with the spirit. She practices what she preaches and testifies of Christ often. She lifts and edifies each and every participant, but always gives all Glory to God.

– LS

Kathy has truly changed my life. Her willingness to serve and share her spiritual gifts has shown me the direction Heavenly Father wants me to take. She shows me how to be like my Savior. Her retreats are life-changing and have had rippling effects on my family, friends, and those I work with. I consider her an eternal friend!

– DS

Kathy has facilitated so much healing through the Atonement of our beloved brother, Jesus Christ. She truly is an instrument in God’s hands to bless the lives of everyone with whom she comes into contact. Every time I am in her presence, I am in awe of how in tune and knowledgeable she is. Her love and assistance have helped me to mend my heart and soul!

– TR

I praise God for the tender mercy of crossing paths with Kathy and benefiting from her spiritual gifts.

– TR

Mere words cannot express the gratitude and joy I feel as I learn the principles and lessons that Kathy teaches. She has lived a life worthy to receive the powerful things that our Father in Heaven has given her. She has spent many, many hours of study and preparation to present material with great and eternal principles extremely foundational as well as unlimited in comprehension.

– NS

To say that the experience of coming to Kathy’s retreat has been and will be life changing is accurate as well as an understatement. I regard her as an eternal friend with a sweet and humble spirit that has enhanced my life greatly!

– NR

Kathy lives the Law of Consecration and is generous with all that God has given her. She shines because she lives close to the Savior. She is confident in her spiritual gifts and is an example of letting her light shine and giving others the courage to do the same.

– LS

Kathy has deep insight and spiritual connection.

– JK

Kathy puts a great deal of time, effort and beautiful spirit into her classes and retreats. She shares such inspiring messages. I appreciate her willingness to share her spirit.

– MT

Kathy has been an angel in my life. Her gifts have given answers to the mysteries of my soul. Her courage and willingness to stand in her strength and truth has provided me the courage to do the same. She has deepened my love, understanding and appreciation for my Savior and His Atoning sacrifice. She has changed my life by being His tool here on earth.

– GS

My experience at the retreat was so amazing! The cabin we stayed in had such a special spirit to it. The peace there was deeply needed. Kathy’s classes are so wonderful. I learned so much, especially about myself. I have gained new life long friendships that I treasure. There such a sense of unity there with everyone. I especially loved that everything was centered around Jesus Christ. I would love to attend another retreat, and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about energy healing and becoming more closer to our Savior.

– Ruth Ann