The Lazy 8 Brain Board was developed for our Brain Tunz program helping children to learn emotional and brain techniques through song and fun. (Click on the Brain Tunz box for more details.) It is pretty difficult to be disciplined enough to regularly do cross-brain exercises, but when it becomes play, you will receive the benefits of cross-brain activity while having fun! Make sure the marble is going up in the center and watch the marble go round and round for three to five minutes a couple of times daily. It is actually more beneficial when the marble moves slowly while you track it with your eyes. Many say it helps you to fall asleep by calming and balancing the brain. By bringing the right and left brain into balance you will find the Lazy 8 Brain Board beneficial for kids of all ages!

A sampling of its benefits include the following:

Think more clearly
Become relaxed and calm
Improve hand-eye coordination
Improve visual tracking (moving your eyes and not your head to see something)
Increase attention span
Increase writing flow and speed
Balance emotions
Improve memory
Improve cross laterality (crossing the midline of the body, your belly button, connects the right and left hemisphere)
Develop hand dominance (being right or left-handed)

Product Details:
5″ by 11″ by 5/8″ (dimensions)

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