I have written the following scripts as an aide for your emotional and spiritual healing work. They can be just words, but when they are spoken with faith and intention, miracles can occur. Please honor their copyright. Thank you and my hope is you will find them to be a very effective tool in your own personal journey to healing and peace. The Clearing Scripts Set is a PDF download.

The Complete Clearing Scripts Set includes:

Script for Clearing Negative Emotions
Proxy Script for Clearing Negative Emotions
Script for Clearing Generational Pathologies
Script for Letting Go of Energetic Cords
Script for Reclaiming Personal Power
Script for Releasing & Replacing False Core/Blocking Beliefs
Script for Armor of God/Shielding With Light
Script for Balancing Masculine/Feminine Energy
Script for Speaking Spirit to Spirit
Script for Rebuking Familiar Spirits
Script for Rebuking Evil/Darkness