My Lessons Learned In 2014

My Lessons Learned In 2014

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As a New Year approaches, I reflect back over the previous one and the challenges, growth and tender mercies I experienced. And also, my lessons learned…

I have learned the power of being willing :

I was in a class and they passed pretty stones around with words inscribed on them. We were asked if the word held a message for us. My word was ‘Strength’. I immediately felt an impression from the Spirit that if I would have courage to stand in my strengths that I would be better able to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands. I then saw the movie Ephraim’s Rescue and when Ephraim was asked how he was able to perform miracles he replied, “Because I’m willing.” I took on the challenge of having the ‘courage to stand in my strengths’ and to ‘be willing’. Because of this, I have witnessed the miracle of the Atonement in healing broken hearts, broken relationships and broken lives on a daily basis.

I have learned the blessings of accepting the call :

In January, I was visiting a client and her husband walked into the room and said that he had been prompted to give me a blessing. I had never met him before, but I immediately received a confirmation from the Spirit. He laid his hands on my head and blessed me to ‘have a prayer in my heart, a song upon my lips and the light of truth shining from my eyes’. I just about leapt from the chair! After the blessing, I asked why he had said that phrase. He wondered too, but said the Spirit had told him, “Now she will know the source of this blessing.” The phrase was a direct quote from my patriarchal blessing! The blessing then proceeded to tell me that it was time to teach ; to teach at every opportunity and to teach with boldness. The Lord then turned on a fire hose and gave me numerous opportunities to do just that. It has been a great blessing in my life this past year!

 I have learned the power of the ripple effect :

Scientists have measured the movement of ripples created in a body of water still moving 50 years later – so far! Studies have also shown that each person affects 33 other people on a daily basis and each one of them affects 33 and so on. I have witnessed this impact in both positive and negative ways and it has made me more determined to strive to create a positive ripple effect in the lives of others.

 I have learned that the more I know , the more I know that I don’t know :

I am a seeker and an avid student. I love to learn and particularly find it fascinating when science and spirituality line up. As mysteries unfold to me, I am more and more humbled by all that there is to know. I am aware of my infantile status in the process of seeking further light and knowledge. But oh, what a fascinating  journey it is to seek increased knowledge of the Kingdom of God.

 I have learned to rejoice in being a woman :

There is great majesty in claiming my divine worth as a daughter of God. ‘I’ve a Mother there’ and as I seek to emulate my Heavenly Mother, I feel Her nurturing presence. I hope to increase in Wisdom and to radiate the qualities of the Divine Feminine. It would bring me the greatest joy to be a conduit of Her love here on earth.

 I have learned about the mighty spirits who surround me :

On a daily basis, I work with those who have extreme trials and challenges. I have learned that they are the mightiest spirits of all.  They made choices in the premortal realm to take on heavier burdens here on earth so that others may learn without having to bear the same cross they carry. I honor these valiant ones.

 I have learned the difference between doing and being :

Too often, I am busy doing and then doing more. And now, I am learning the power of being! I love the analogy of the lighthouse standing on a rock being battered by the stormy seas. It doesn’t jump into the waves to save the sailors. Through much opposition, it stands there shining, showing the way to those lost in the mighty waves of sorrow and pain. My hope is that I will become closer and closer to my Savior so that my light may shine more brightly and show others the way to Him.

 I have learned the power of reclaiming my personal power :

How often I have given my personal power and pieces of my heart to others and then wondered why I didn’t feel whole. As I have learned to claim my noble birthright and my spiritual gifts and stand in the truth of who I am, I am better able to serve my God.

 I have learned about ‘Jesus Calling’ :

This book is written by Sarah Young. It is a devotional book that is an excellent companion to my scripture study. Check it out and be inspired!

 I have learned how blessed I am :

Not only does my work open my heart in compassion for so many who suffer in so many different ways, it has also opened my heart in gratitude. I will choose to keep my own trials and challenges and Praise God for them on a daily basis!

I would love to hear about your lessons learned this past year! In the meantime, I pray for you to have a very blessed 2015.

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