Kathy’s Thoughts On Music And Muscle Response Testing

Kathy’s Thoughts On Music And Muscle Response Testing

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I’m often asked why muscle-response testing works and as a pianist, I’ve come up with an analogy to music that I usually share. Here goes:

When you hit a note on an instrument, listen carefully and you can hear the movement of the sound wave. When the note is out of tune the wave wobbles and has a slower, wider wave. When the note is in tune the wave is tight and fast and flattens out. People who play stringed instruments actually loosen the string and then, upon hearing a tuning cue, tighten the string until it’s sound wave comes into a perfect alignment with the frequency or vibration of the sound wave of the tuning cue. When all of the strings are aligned with their appropriate tuning cues, the instrument is considered to be in tune and can then play harmoniously with other tuned instruments. Harmony also has certain frequencies, which will either sound dissonant or pleasing to the listener’s ear. Two notes that are a whole step apart (ie: 2nd interval or C and D) sound very dissonant or sour whereas notes that are two whole steps or three and a half steps apart (ie: 3rd and 5th intervals or C, E, and G think Kum By Ya) sound very pleasing or harmonious to the listener’s ear. When we sit back and listen to an orchestra play a beautiful piece of music, most of us are largely unaware of the laws of music theory that are at work to make all of the instruments come together in a soul-stirring whole. An interesting note though if every musician played every note of the song to perfection, but their instruments were out of tune, the music would make every listener physically cringe. (Trust me, I know – I’ve heard a few middle school orchestras in my day!!) Even if most of the instruments were tuned, but a few were off, it would have the same result.

Just as music has its rules of theory and order, so do our bodies. Every object puts off energy and that energy has a vibration or frequency. Our bodies have energy emanating from them. The more in tune we are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, the faster the vibration or frequency will move. When any of these parts of our bodies are inhibited, the vibration slows down and we become weakened or out of tune. An easy way to test this is to put your arm out at a 90-degree angle from the body and have someone push down with two fingers between the elbow and wrist as you resist. (This is not a strength contest the arm will either lock or release with very little pressure.) When another part of the body is touched with the other hand of the tester while he is putting pressure on the arm with his two fingers, the arm will stay locked if that part of the body is in tune or the arm will release if that part of the body is out of tune or inhibited. This is pretty straightforward when it comes to the physical, but gets pretty interesting when you use it for your other parts emotional, mental, or spiritual. Try making a statement that you know to be false (gender or name) and the dissonance of that statement will lower the frequency of your energy and your arm will go weak. Now, try making a negative statement about yourself or someone else and you will get the same result. Cognitive dissonance is a very familiar psychological term for your beliefs being incongruous with your actions. Most people will make efforts to rationalize either their beliefs or their actions to bring their minds back into harmony because when they are out of tune, it causes their bodies, minds, and souls distress. Interestingly, living Christlike attributes will bring us into tune and our bodies energy will have a faster frequency and we will have stronger and healthier bodies!

Although a single note can produce a beautiful melody, how wonderful it is when other voices and instruments join in and form full harmonies. Our bodies also seek harmony. Our thymus (center of the chest) is a very sensitive spot to vibrations and so try putting different foods, supplements, or medications up against your thymus and then having someone muscle-test your arm. All of these items also have energy and vibrations. If those vibrations are harmonizing with your vibrations then you will remain in tune and your arm will remain strong. If the vibrations coming from that item are not in harmony with your body’s vibration, you will experience dissonance and your vibration will slow down and your body will weaken and your arm will release. (Try a can of pop versus a banana!!) This can be very helpful in testing supplements or medications. The supplement or medication may be perfectly fine, but if it is not in harmony with your body, then your body is not going to benefit from taking it. It may even have adverse effects or simply just be flushed through your system making very expensive urine! The very best way to test these types of items is to put them under your tongue, muscle test and then spit them out.

Two levels of water will always adjust to become one level. Likewise, the frequency of our energy vibrations will tend to calibrate to the frequency of the vibrations with which we surround ourselves. This lends a whole new significance to choosing good friends and standing in Holy places, doesn’t it? Personally, I am so blessed to have family and friends who like to lift me up (increase the speed of my vibrations with their light) vs. drag me down (slow down my vibrations with negativity and darkness).

I’ve learned that muscle testing is based in quantum physics, but I thought that the analogy of muscle testing to music might make some sense and so I just thought I’d share! Here’s to all of us living our lives so that we may be in tune with God and in harmony with others thereby creating beautiful symphonies of our lives!