Due to the current pandemic, Kathy’s live classes are on hold.
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Is Muscle-testing of God?
Emotional Healing Techniques
Generational Healing
Energy Principles & Practices
Emotional Trauma Healing
Empath Personality
Developing your Spiritual Gifts
The Divine Feminine
C.V. September 20th
C.V. October 11th
C. V. November 15th
C.V. January 24th
C.V. February 28th
C.V. March 14th
C.V. April 11th
C.V. May 2nd
W.F. September 22nd
W.F. October 20th
W.F. November 3rd
W.F. January 19th
W.F. February 23rd
W.F. March 16th
W.F. April 13th
W.F. May 4th

Hope to see you there!!

P.S. These classes will also be made available for online viewing. Details to follow.


$15 per class with corresponding E-book available at half price–only $5 for attendees only. Wasatch Front(W.F.)classes held at Serena Wholeness 144 E. 1200 S. Centerville, UT Cache Valley(C.V.)classes held at 1035 E. Canyon Rd. Hyde Park, UT Wasatch Front Class Schedule (W.F.) & Cache Valley Class Schedule (C.V.) All classes are held from 7 to 8:30 p.m.


12-2 (W.F.) 12-28 (C.V.) 1-20 (W.F.) 1-25 (C.V.) 2-12 (W.F.) 2-10 (C.V.) 3-17 (W.F.) 3-15 (C.V.) 4-21 (W.F.) 4-12 (C.V.) 5-12 (W.F.) 5-10 (C.V.) 6-9 (W.F.) 6-7 (C.V.)
6:30 CLASS
Generational Work Increasing Frequency Trauma Work Auras 7 to 8:30 p.m. 7 to 8:30 p.m. 7 to 8:30 p.m.
8:00 CLASS
Spiritual Gifts Being an Empath Parenting the Wayward Atonement Blocks Inviting Miracles $15 Dealing with Addictions $15 Inviting Miracles $15
Please RSVP to: letusbeintune@gmail.com  to reserve your spot!!