Put down the written music and play the piano from your heart!! Learn how to:
  • Improvise with boogie, blues and jazz
  • Arrange your own music
  • Play the piano by ear
  • Read a lead sheet
  • Compose your very own songs!!
    • This is a comprehensive course that teaches all of this and more. If you want to discover your creative gifts with music, click on the link below. I even include several free piano lessons!!

Kathy Truman’s piano clinic was overflowing with technique, creativity and talent, much like Kathy herself! My mind was opened to a whole new concept of playing music. Before the class I approached practicing the piano like I approached exercise, with the hope of a reward somewhere in the future. The second I sat down to play after Kathy’s class, I began to play like an artist . . . with a sense of flow and connection to the piano that I had never had before. I now understand musical mechanics as well as the artistry. Kathy is a brilliant musician who shines her light on all of us.

– Cristy Price

I have taken close to 12 years of music training, mostly on the piano. Although I read music well and can play on an advanced level, I never completely understood the structure of music, chords and theory until I took Kathy Truman’s workshops. The knowledge that she shared is very practical and can be applied to enhance what I already learned. However, better than that, it has answered many of the questions I had regarding arranging music and has opened a whole new world of creativity for me including composition and arranging music! My ability to sightread and improvise has improved a great deal since studying with Kathy. I will continue to study the fundamentals I have learned from her and only wish I had been taught like this in my early years. I highly recommend this course to anyone who desires to improve their performance and learn new techniques.

– Janet Pitcher

Kathy is a very talented pianist. The piano sings when she plays. I have enjoyed learning from her. She has so much musical knowledge, which allows her to help you, no matter what level you are at. It is easy to understand with her teaching style. She is fun to learn from. I highly recommend her lessons!

– Kerstin Beach