Kathy Truman

Kathy Truman is a Life Coach, Emotional Release Facilitator and Spiritual Counselor.

Kathy Truman

Kathy’s Story

Kathy has a full-time practice helping clients with their emotional and spiritual needs including those with varying degrees of abuse and trauma, as well as everyday trials and challenges. She also works with addictions and family relationships. She enjoys teaching and speaking and has been an international presenter at healing conferences, summits, firesides, and special events.

Kathy has been a columnist for two magazines, Utah Cancer Connection and Hasten. She is a contributing author of the bestselling books, ‘The Healer’s Call’, ‘Warrioress Rising’ and ‘Homes Infused with Love, Light & Energy.’ She is also the author of several books about healing, relationships, and spirituality.

Kathy is the co-founder of Brain Tunz, an innovative program teaching whole-brain learning and emotional healing techniques to children through song and fun. After performing as the keyboard player for a country/rock/pop band for 22 years and being the Master Teacher at the USU Piano Conservatory, Kathy became the founder of Beyond Reading Notes, a course teaching composition, improvisation, arranging, playing by ear, and more on the piano.

Kathy teaches a series of classes on Energy Training, Relationships, Spiritual Principles, Self-Improvement, and Body Work & Health. She is currently recording these classes for online courses. She sponsors Emotional Healing & Energy Training Retreats. Kathy spent four years apprenticing in a unique bodywork modality that she teaches on her Body Work DVD.

Kathy is the creator of the healing modality entitled ‘Lighthouse Healing Hearts’. It is a comprehensive training program for those who wish to assist others in healing their emotional, generational, and spiritual issues.

Kathy is an avid seeker of light and knowledge and loves to share inspirational messages with thousands of friends around the globe. Kathy’s all-time favorite calling is being a mom and grandma. Although she wears many hats, the greatest desire of her heart is to be a ‘willing servant!’

Kathy Truman